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August 2022

Dear Harriet and Bob,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for dedication and care you put into raising English Bulldogs.

For months, I research breeders in Maine, but they did not compare or come close to what Bogg’s Summit Bulldogs and Papillons offered. Not only did you guarantee your puppies, but Griffin came with a file of pictures, health records, shots, microchip, pet insurance, and American Kennel Club registry.

Griffin turned a year old on July 29, 2022. He is 65 pounds and is in excellent condition. He loves to play tag and find my daughter when playing hide-in-seek. He plays great defense in basketball and will play dead when he isn’t ready to come inside. My daughter taught him high-five, sit, wait, how to crawl through a tunnel, and jump over objects. Griffin is not perfect, but he is perfect for me and my family.

When we are looking for an additional member of our family, I will be sure to reach and request another puppy.

We are profoundly grateful,


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