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Stitch earned his Canine Good Citizen Award   Dec. 2022    Way to Go STICH !  

June 2024 Stitch & Katie in Training.HEIC
June 2024 Stitch & Katie in Training.HEIC

JULY 2024

STITCH ( aka Cha) is 4 years old, starting Agility classes. Dec. 2022  Go Stitch!

Hi Harriett!       JULY 2024    email....
Hope you are doing well.  Stitch has had a busy year so far. In March we had our first CPE Speedway trial.  He didn't qualify for any of his runs but we had a lot of fun!

In April he had surgery for a broken tooth.  I don't know how he broke it.  My vet referred us to a veterinary dentist to remove it.  While he was asleep they did full mouth x-rays and they found 2 other teeth that were dead (they didn't develop properly) so they pulled those too.  He recovered really well and has been doing well since. 

In June we participated in our very first AKC obedience trial with our dog club.  Stitch got 2nd place for Beginner Novice both days! 

We are still taking agility classes with the Milwaukee Dog Training Club which he enjoys.  

Say hi to ChaCha!
-Katie & Stitch 

Axel has a new "SISI" who is deaf and will be trained as a Therapy Dog too!  Oct. 2022

Axel earned his Canine Good Citizen in Feb. 2021 and will start training as a Therapy Dog in April of 2021.You Go Axel!!! Axel did achieve Therapy Dog Certification! What a Team!!!!!

Axel's Info and QR code.jpg
2022 AXEL Theropy Class.jpg


Axel in April 2024.jpg

MAY 2024

Papillons New Family Photos

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