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This is a sample of our Health Contract - full contract will be sent to clients for review before purchase.                               

 Health Guarantee and Purchase Agreement


What our Guarantee includes: Age-appropriate vaccinations & deworming at time of delivery. Treatment with Marquis before shipping.

The absence of health defects for a period of seven days after delivery (see exceptions below). The absence of congenital defects for a period of one year after delivery (see exceptions below).

What our guarantee does not cover: Hypoglycemia. Normal variations of the breed such as cherry eye, loose hips, elongated soft palate and/or stenotic nares. Coccidia or Kennel cough. Abuse or neglect that occurs after delivery. Actual mature weight of a dog, despite best estimates. Actual ability of dog to be bred or shown, despite potential to do so. Vet bills and/or medication for puppy.

Specifics of our guarantee:  Purchaser must notify us of any health defects within 7 days of delivery via a signed and dated statement from their vet on agency letterhead. Credit will be given in the form of a replacement puppy of equal value (not necessarily from the same parents) or payment for defect to be repaired (if applicable). The breeder will decide which option will be pursued.

If a puppy is to be returned, it will occur within 14 days of original delivery. Puppy is to be free of defect other than the one(s) specified by the vet. Shipment of a returned puppy will be at the purchaser's expense. Shipment of a replacement puppy will be at the breeder's expense. In the unlikely event of the death of a puppy, a necropsy report by a licensed vet noting the cause of death was due to a defect covered by this guarantee is required. This report will be signed and dated on agency letterhead. Any alteration (breeding, spaying, neutering, and or euthanizing) of the puppy that has not been authorized by the breeder will void this guarantee. The purchaser must provide routine preventative care for the puppy which includes regular physical examinations by a licensed veterinarian and appropriate vaccinations and deworming.

If a veterinarian gives puppy a vaccination within 2 weeks of the last vaccination seller has given, contract will be null and void.

We will not honor any diagnosis from a HSVMA (Humane Vet Med Asso. Society).

This sales contract is non-transferable. Should the Buyer decide to sell said Puppy/Dog at any one time. The Breeder/Seller has the first right to purchase said puppy/dog back. Should the buyer relinquish the ownership of said puppy/dog. This contract shall be deemed null and void.

Breeder/Seller reserves the right that in the event Breeder/Seller should decide to discontinue breeding Bulldogs or Papillons this contract will become null and void.

By Signing this document, the purchaser agrees that: He/she understands this document in its entirety. He/she will pay for the puppy on or 10 days before the time of delivery. Deposits are non-refundable and monetary refunds are not provided. This contract is in the jurisdiction of Wright County, Missouri and that any litigation shall occur in Wright County, Missouri.

BREED: __________ Circle One: M/F Whelp Date:___________

Microchip No.___________AKC__ APRI___ ACA___ registered



Registered: AKC___ APRI___ ACA___ CHIC#___________


Registered: AKC ___ APRI____ ACA___ CHIC#___________



Purchase Price:_______Date of Sale:_______ Date of Shipment:______

Purchaser's name:_____________________phone no._______________

Purchaser's address ___________________________________________

Purchaser's signature:_________________________________________

Breeder/Seller Name________________________________________

Breeder/ Seller Address:_____________________________________

Breeder/Seller Signature:_______________

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