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This was sent from one of my customers Cheryl on March 25, 2022

This was sent to me on my personal email by Casey who adopted "Jake" on Sept. 24th of 2009. He also encouraged me to get this website set up. I'm sure he will be glad to confirm this quote for you. Please check out our "Guest Book Emails" and "" site for more testimonials.

" I adopted an English Bulldog puppy from Boggs Summit Bulldogs a couple of weeks ago and could not be more pleased. The puppy has an outstanding disposition and I could definitely see the love and nurturing that went into raising this dog.

The “super dog” exercises help him calmly deal with situations other dogs may see as stressful. He is not bothered by the vacuum, traffic, thunder or even baths! Harriett Boggs, the breeder, has been absolutely amazing. She was very helpful in transitioning my puppy to his new home, as well as assisting me with any questions I had. You can really see how much she cares about her puppies."

A text sent to me by Lee with two of my Papillons

                                        August 2023

Axel had his first agility class last Saturday.  He did fine - just didn't like the balance balls.  Sisi had her first  STAR class on Tuesday. She's doing great. The trainer works with other deaf dogs so she has a wide variety of methods to get the commands across.  The good news is that Sisi has confidence and is not shy.  She wants to greet her classmates.  I believe she has picked that up from Axel and your own methods for raising these pups.  She is stubborn!!!
I go to an orientation session this Saturday with the Utah Pet Partners to learn about what they do here in Utah. I hope they accept that Axel is already trained  and certified. The school they both attend also has a therapy dog prep course that Sisi will attend. Her trainers have already said she is a natural  (just like Axel). I applaud you again for the way you breed and raise these pups!!!   

All is well. Chuck is doing good despite being an old man. He has a chiropractor for his knee/hip. Chuck forgets he’s not 8 pounds any longer. He’s a hunk of love and I’m so glad he’s on our life.

The more Bulldogs I am exposed to, the more I appreciate what you and Bob do. Chuck is in pretty good shape compared to some of the others I see.

A year ago we rescued a Bulldog. She was nothing like Chuck. She had been abused and was reactive to her fear of everything. Unfortunately things didn’t end well due to her aggression and we just had to put her down this week for the safety of everyone, including Chuck.

I appreciate Chuck’s temperament. I appreciate that the only thing he’s afraid of is fireworks. I appreciate that he gets along with humans (Including 4 grandchildren) and other dogs.

Chuck still tries to eat the cat from time to time and he has a big Bulldog attitude but I wouldn’t change anything about him. Thank you for being so conscientious, for the testing that you do, for the super puppy exercises, and most of all for caring about your dogs! 

August 2023 - This email was sent to me in regard to my granddaughter Juliet's Papillon Puppy that Charlotte bought off my website. 

This testimonial is about the breeder Juliet’s Papillon puppy Sasha (aka Belle). Thank you Juliet for giving us a healthy, happy puppy. We appreciate all of the paperwork that came with her even the other items like the bag of puppy food. And the food coupons! Thank you for letting me call you with any questions and for your advice. We currently have Sasha in puppy training classes and she is learning quickly because she’s a smart little cookie! We are so proud of her. We look forward to creating lifelong memories with her. May God bless you and your family.


Harriet and Bob

Message: I just adore my Lil reko he is very smart and Fun to be around I can't be more happier than I am can't recommend you enough if you had 10 stars I would do all ten


1-14-24 Reko & Hannah.jpg

My Reko is such an amazing pup and so smart super cute thank you boggs summit bulldogs for my amazing Reko I can't be any prouder of him he loves to please attached is my reko and his playmate Hannah.       Reko aka Rico born 2023

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