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This was sent from one of my customers Cheryl on March 25, 2022

All is well. Chuck is doing good despite being an old man. He has a chiropractor for his knee/hip. Chuck forgets he’s not 8 pounds any longer. He’s a hunk of love and I’m so glad he’s on our life.

The more Bulldogs I am exposed to, the more I appreciate what you and Bob do. Chuck is in pretty good shape compared to some of the others I see.

A year ago we rescued a Bulldog. She was nothing like Chuck. She had been abused and was reactive to her fear of everything. Unfortunately things didn’t end well due to her aggression and we just had to put her down this week for the safety of everyone, including Chuck.

I appreciate Chuck’s temperament. I appreciate that the only thing he’s afraid of is fireworks. I appreciate that he gets along with humans (Including 4 grandchildren) and other dogs.

Chuck still tries to eat the cat from time to time and he has a big Bulldog attitude but I wouldn’t change anything about him. Thank you for being so conscientious, for the testing that you do, for the super puppy exercises, and most of all for caring about your dogs! 

This was sent to me on my personal email by Casey who adopted "Jake" on Sept. 24th of 2009. He also encouraged me to get this website set up. I'm sure he will be glad to confirm this quote for you. Please check out our "Guest Book Emails" and "" site for more testimonials.

" I adopted an English Bulldog puppy from Boggs Summit Bulldogs a couple of weeks ago and could not be more pleased. The puppy has an outstanding disposition and I could definitely see the love and nurturing that went into raising this dog.

The “super dog” exercises help him calmly deal with situations other dogs may see as stressful. He is not bothered by the vacuum, traffic, thunder or even baths! Harriett Boggs, the breeder, has been absolutely amazing. She was very helpful in transitioning my puppy to his new home, as well as assisting me with any questions I had. You can really see how much she cares about her puppies."

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