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Puppy Christmas Photo Time

Getting ready for Christmas starts with taking puppy photos. Grandson Gavin plays with Papillion Eli between photo shoots.

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One Papillon puppy needs a home

Zeek just found his new home today, what a lovely family with 2 children. Zenon is the only one left, ready for a home March 27th. All are microchipped and just having a blast tussling with each oth

Papillon Outside Play

Papillon puppies all going outside to play and go pottie! A great day! Zenon is the quiet cuddly one. Zeek is the explorer. Zack is constantly on the move. Gogeta is content to snuggle.

Papillon Pups 2 weeks old

The puppies are growing at about an ounce a day. They are WAY more awsome than their photos show. So soft and cuddlie! Mommy is such a wonderful mom too!


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